18 November 2005

Another assortment of web links today. First, a welcome to another new secular group, the Balcombe Freethinkers in West Sussex:


Next, a marvellously satirical blog from 'Dark Syde', who explains 'What it's like to be an Atheist', among the Santaists!


One of the main news stories is the split in the worldwide Anglican Church over homosexuality. The main movers are the Nigerian archbishop, Peter Akinola, and the Archbishop of the West Indies, Drexel Gomez. Perhaps they should rejoin the Roman Catholic church.




Another news item is the OLPC proposal to provide 'one laptop per child' for $100 each. The batteries can be recharged by hand-winding. However, one report I've seen claims that religious organisation has offered to sponsor it and, of course, preload it with the bible.


There has been a longish discussion on BBC News 'Have Your Say' on the subject 'Is faith important in British Society?'


Joke of the Week, just in from Bruce Pitt in the NSS Newsline:
'I do get the 2 Rowans confused. As I understand it one of them is comedian who dresses up in period costume and talks nonsense, and the other is opposed to a new law that that says I can’t say what I just said about the first one. Have I got it right?'


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