21 November 2005

Sunday's (20th November) lecture at Secular Hall, about Climate Change, was given by Bettina Atkinson and colleagues from Leicester Friends of the Earth and attracted a good attendance. Their main purpose was to publicise a 'BigAsk' campaign, which involves asking your MP to support the law on control of CO2 emissions.


The FoE is in favour of wind and wave power and other renewables. Today however the government chief scientist Dr King is saying Britain should consider a new generation of nuclear power stations.

On Monday evening I went to the local Interfaith Fellowship, only to find that the talk was beng given by LSS member Allan Hayes. He talked about the last novel The Island written by Aldous Huxley shortly before his death. The story is about a utopian community on a tropical island, involving various experiments in social engineering, and a hybrid religion based on Hinduism, Buddhism and drug use. The problem with all such science fictional utopian schemes in my view is that they treat everyone the same, whereas diversity is essential for future progress.

There is an excellent Darwin exhibition being held at the American Museum of Natural History, with a good associated website, although I've found it slow to operate.


Allan suggested at the meeting that the Museum has had difficulty in obtaining corporate sponsors in the US, because of fear of being boycotted by affluent Creationists.

An interesting link circulated by Allan on Saturday was to this article in which a Muslim gives support to the freedom or religion to be found in a secular society:


There is a meeting at Secular Hall on Friday 23rd November, 7.30pm, with three speakers from Venezuela, and from the Morning Star which is celebrating its 75th Anniversary.


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