16 September 2013

Sense about Science - Evaluating Miracle Cures

From Sense about Science - A quick note to let you know about two things happening this week:
  • Today we’re launching a new edition of ‘I’ve got nothing to lose by trying it’, our guide to help weigh up claims about miracle cures and untested treatments on the internet and in advertising. We’ve worked with patients and medical charities and now captured more patient experiences and the ways you can get involved in research. 
We’re trying to get this out as widely as possible, can you help by sending to your contacts? You can download the guide here: http://bit.ly/194Rm4O.
  • And this week the Ask for Evidence campaign is taking on dubious treatments: http://bit.ly/1496q2W. You can get involved, share your experiences and read about what others are doing – starting with a guest blog on unproven cancer treatments from Cancer Research UK’s Dr Kat Arney: http://bit.ly/180Y2lg.