11 November 2005

Sorry for the break in communications. My telephone line was out of order for several days. Also I've been a bit 'down' myself.

Our meeting last Sunday was a general discussion, since the advertised lecturer was unable to come. The talk on Palestine is postponed to next season.

Here are some links to items I've found of interest recently:

* About that courageous lady Ayaan Hirsi Ali:

* "The Suicide Bombers Among Us" by Theodore Dalrymple. "The two forms of jihad, the inner and the outer, the greater and the lesser, thus coalesce in one apocalyptic action. By means of suicide bombing, the bombers overcome moral impurities and religious doubts within themselves and, supposedly, strike an external blow for the propagation of the faith."

* The furore over the Danish cartoons of Mohammed. One of the cartoonists is auctioning his picture in aid of the earthquake appeal. I wonder what the reaction might be if we put a cartoon of Mohammed in the Secular Hall window?:

* Joseph Atwill's theory that the Gospel of Matthew is Roman propaganda:

* Another secular blogger, Kate Smurthwaite of "cruellablog"!


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