06 October 2005

The Sunday lecture by Colin Hyde of the East Midlands Oral History Project combined a talk with extracts from recordings. One of these was of Mrs Louie Croxtall whose reminiscences of Secular Hall were also reproduced in part in the Newsletter that I published in 2003. She became a member in 1930, at age 16, and as a teenager had actually lived in the Hall where her father was the caretaker. The Society has typed transcripts of these interviews, or they can be heard (on headphones) at the Record Office in Wigston.

From Alan Hayes I learn as follows:
BBC [television] were at the Hall on Monday. They filmed short interviews with Michael, Lyn, Keith, Caroline, Satish and myself, and a group discussion, inside the Hall. Michael was also filmed outside with the Hall as background. They also filmed various aspects of the Hall, including, I believe, dancers in the dance academy and children practising marshal arts [in the basement]. In all they seem to have been at the Hall from about noon until mid-evening. All that will, with luck, give about five minutes in a one-hour programme about humanism/secularism going out to schools early next year.

I, and other members no doubt, would have liked to have been told about this event in advance (such as at the Sunday meeting) rather than four days later. Surely we can manage better organisation and publicity than this?

My own efforts this week were devoted to putting F. J. Gould's 1900 History of Leicester Secular Society on our website. The text was kindly provided on CD by Mr R. W. Morrell who produced the edition published by the Freethought History Research Group in 2004.


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