22 October 2005

A welcome to the Derby & Derbyshire Secular Society.


Our new neighbours just to the North. Does this represent the resurgence of Secularism in response to the newly perceived dangers of religious fundamentalism?

A little booklet called Common Sense has just been produced by our member Wilfred Gaunt. In it he writes: "If our culture is not to slide back into a new dark age of bigotry and intolerance, then the secularists within our community must come together, organise, and demand that the voice of reason is heard, and acknowledged."

During the week, thinking of ways we can be more effective politically, I've been looking into the Humanist Party, and to correspond with their London spokesperson.


The people at the BHA are not keen on them, some seem to regard them as a sort of "cult", but the evidence I've seen for this is slight. Apart from their ideas being rather vague and utopian it is difficult to see why other Humanists would object to them. They are in process of reorganisation and perhaps might be guided in our direction. For more details see the discussion I have initiated, as jeepyjay, on the Brights forum.


Last Sunday's lecture, on the US Marines, was not of much secular relevance, but this week is one of our "Headstrong" open discussion meetings, where anyone can bring a subject for debate.


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