10 July 2007


No Ex-Muslims in Leicester?

The following is a message I sent to Leicester Mercury on 28 June, using their website form. Since I got a blank screen for reply I sent it again by email on the 30th June. It has not been published.

Dear Editor,

In view of the large Muslim population in Leicester, I'm surprised that you do not seem to have given any coverage to the setting up of the "Council of ex-Muslims of Britain". [This was set up by Mariam Namazie, Secularist of the Year in 2005, who spoke about Humanism at Leicester's Secular Hall in February this year.]

Many Islamic states still threaten people with death under Sharia law if they leave Islam.

Telegraph News Item

Your recent defence of free speech by support for the knighthood to Salman Rushdie is admirable. But one wonders how many people in the Muslim community are afraid to express their doubts about religion in view of the many threats against infidels that one reads in the Quran.

Not all local Muslims are regular attenders at the Mosques. In fact I notice that the large Mosque on the corner of Conduit Street appears to be in a state of neglect in view of the uncleared weeds and rubbish accumulating around it.

It is very disappointing that the Leicester Mercury has failed to publish your letter, or as far as I know, acknowledge the CEMB. I visited their website and found that membership is free and open to all who like their manifesto - you don't have to be an ex-muslim to show solidarity in this way. They ask you to leave a statement when you join - here's mine:
I had the good fortune to be brought up without 'religion' or 'faith' (other than in reason and humanity). Thus none can punish me for apostasy. I join CEMB because freedom from \ of religion should be a human right for all, not just those who by an accident of birth have the good fortune not to be from a lineage that espouses sharia or similar laws and practices.
Just to let you know - LSS Committee has been in touch with Maryam Namazie at CEMB to offer help in setting up a group in Leicester.
laughable from an organisation that desperately needs to raise funds or else go bust. Don't worry though you have a lovely building and I am sure we'll buy it off you and turn it into a Masjid.

BTW, the 'mosque' on conduit street is empty because it promotes a watered down, cultural, liberal, dare i say it secular version of islam which is not popular with the youth who go elsewhere to learn the authentic teachings of Allah and his messenger (peace and blessings be upon him).

The youth are turning back to Islam with over 50% praying all their prayers each day to give own sign of this, the hijab which was rare only a few years ago is now the norm and thousands of Brits like myself embrace Islam every year.

Anytime you wish to learn about Islam come down to our stall in the city centre we hold on Saturdays, our's is the one on Gallowtree gate but there are others starting to do this now and you might be fortunate enough to turn up on one of the days we get one of the people of Britain to publicly reject secularism and other false idiologies and embrace the message of Islam - God's final message and his true path to follow.

Abu Abdillah,
Leicester Da'wah Stall.

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