11 September 2005

Activities at Secular Hall

A lot more happens at Secular Hall than just the meetings of the Secular Society, which are held in the Library on the ground floor. The much larger ballroom upstairs is used by the ABC Dance company and occasionally by the Society for specially large meetings. The basement is occupied by Leicester Martial Arts. A bookshop has been a feature of the building since it was opened in 1881, and part of the frontage is now occupied by Frontline Books.

The Library and the adjacent Members' Room are available for hire, and are well used by numerous different groups. Bookings for these rooms are now made through Frontline Books: http://www.frontlinebooks.co.uk/. There are some restrictions on who can hire the rooms. Obviously, for instance, we do not permit them to be used for religious services. There are higher rates for hire by commercial companies than for social groups.

There is a Public Meeting scheduled for this Tuesday, 13th September, 7:30pm organised by the Leicester Campaign to Stop the War (which war is not stated!) at which named speakers are Manzoor Moghal (Chairman of the Muslim Forum) and Akram Hawwash (from Palestine). The Secular Society held a discussion prior to the invasion of Iraq, at the time of the big demonstrations in London, and the views of members expressed then warned of just the disastrous outcomes that we have seen. The question now is, can the US, British and other forces be withdrawn leaving a reasonably stable situation, or is such a situation unattainable?


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