22 April 2013


Subordination of Muslim Women in Great Britain

Posted on behalf of Mike Burden:

How timely it is that Leicester Secular Society welcomes Anne Marie Waters (One Law for All) to speak at Secular Hall next Sunday (28th April 6.30pm), Having watched tonight's horrific Panorama on Shari'a Councils in Britain

We need to know more. Where are the Shari'a councils in Leicester? Are they open to the public? Who are the judges? Who holds them to account? We need to know. 

The terrible injustices and inequalities handed out to the women in the programme demolishes any idea that Islamic Law has any place in our Society.  

Support Anne Marie, a brave woman, who is at the forefront in opposing this evil and inhumane form of 'justice'.

We recorded Anne Marie's talk - watch it here: https://vimeo.com/65182662
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