19 August 2006


LSS Website Redesigned

The absence of activity on this blog is partly due to the traditional inactivity at this time of the year, but mainly because I've been busy with redesigning the Leicester Secular Society website. This was partly prompted by a half-day course I was persuaded to attend about accessibility of websites to disabled users, run by something called the ICT Hub. This led me to think about using "cascading style sheets" (CSS), well one style sheet anyway, and to avoid using the html "tables" facility to structure the layout. The result is a more consistent appearance of the pages, and I hope a better colour scheme that is easier on the eyes, and more readable.

The site is now, apart from the section on Islam which needs updating, completely in the new style. The main changes that will be noticed are that there is no longer a single "sitemap", instead access to the pages is via the green buttons on the left of the home page which lead to partial sitemaps covering narrower subject areas, principally Secularism, History, Science and Religion.

I've taken the opportunity to add some new content. In particular in the biographical section material from Sydney Gimson's Random Recollections of Leicester Secular Society written in 1932 have been added to the pages on Gimson, Morris, Holyoake, Foote, and others (and there is much more to be added in due course). His memoir helps to update the history of the Society for the prewar years (he died in 1938). We are lacking in records for the postwar period, when the Society seems to have suffered a decline, though this may only be apparent due to lack of detail. If anyone has knowledge or recollections of that period I would be glad of information.

Another item to draw attention to are the plans for regeneration of the Hall (accessed at the bottom of the page on development plans). Keith Baker, who is on the "Vision" subcommittee, has been able to provide images of the floor plans of the building, showing the renovations proposed, such as a lift, a glassing over of the atrium and a conversion of the balcony in the ballroom to new rooms for use of the Society (if I've read the plans aright).

Don't forget our Open Day on the 10th of September.


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