10 June 2006


Creationism, Islam and Education

In this lovely summer weather it's nice to take a break to get away from serious matters and enjoy the weather, but meanwhile the world carries on its chaotic way. This week I have a miscellany of loosely connected topics.

On Sunday 11th I will be holding a discussion at Secular Hall on Countering Creationism. This wil take the form of a display of creationist literature (often very well printed in full colour) and point out the misrepresentations and even lies in it, and how it is often difficult to counter their claims without having specialised knowledge.

In this connection
Judge Jones
, from the Dover 'Intelligent Design' trial, has been speaking about how he has needed police protection.

On another local note, the Leicester Muslim Academy is now under way.

Ayaan Hirsi Ali, having been disgracefully forced out of the Netherlands to the US has a new book out The Virgin Cage. In the
Preface she speaks of the need for an Islamic Reformation. She writes: "I am amazed that Muslims are not more offended by the invocation of Allah and "God is great" for murder than by cartoons. Why do Muslims not fly into flights of rage when people who go to help Iraqis are kidnapped, tortured, and beheaded in the name of Islam? Political cartoons that point up problems with an extremist religion are used to manipulate people into violence instead of reflection and debate. Freedom of expression for Muslims is a one-way street; Muslims can criticize the West, but the West cannot criticize the practices of Islam."

On education more generally, the humanist philosopher Stephen Law has brought out a book on The War for Children's Minds, touching on the whole question of education and the dangers of the government's faith-biased schools project.


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