09 May 2006


Religion in Schools Prospectus

A few months ago we published a welcome to the new Derby Secular Society. Mike Lake's latest initiative is to try to get local schools to adopt his wording of a statement for their parents' prospectus as here:


He writes that he wants it to look as reasonable and unobjectionable as possible to any thinking person. "However, it is obvious that it is a major threat to the religious because it spells out very clearly what parents rights are and it clearly divorces moral and civic education from religion."

This proposal will be discussed at the next meeting in Derby at the MultiFaith Centre at 7.00pm on Wednesday 17th May.

Perhaps we at Leicester, and secularists elsewhere, should join in this initiative.

Am I right in thinking that the law prohibits schools from canvassing for opt-outs from christian assembly?
Does offering the choice of a christian assembly or some alternative amount to "canvassing"? Isn't the government hot on offering "choice" in everything?
You'd think.

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