10 March 2006

Why's life hell at Guantanamo?

Brief background to this. I operate on a different sleep cycle than most people. 3am - 11am suits me fine. I also write for a US-based publication (nothing to do with secularism) so as part of everday departmental banter I made a joke that actually my late arrival and late departures fit better with the really interesting stuff I do (i.e. not my PhD). The response was that I should move over there, but that I'd get to immigration and end up in Guantanamo due to my left-wing views. My response was loosely lines 6 and 8. 6 was fine, but 8 got me a warning not to push it further. Red rag to a bull - I can openly slag off the Bible, but mention the Qu'ran and I'm going to offend someone (we have one Sudanese guy in the department who is Muslim, but, and I'm sad to admit this, I actually checked he wasn't about before opening my mouth).

Anyway, what should we do about this hypocrisy? Well, I hope this gives someone a giggle.

Why's life hell at Guantanamo?
All those handcuffs and chains might be good fun, you get free live sex shows, a great view of the sky at night, and if you can escape you're in Cuba, but:
You spend all your life surrounded by American grunts.
Orange has never really been in fashion, except if you're a certain Icelandic munchkin.
You only get one book to read.
It's in Arabic.
It's not very good.
And you have to wipe the sh*t off it before you can read it.



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