09 March 2006

Was the BNP behind the Jerry Springer Protests?

Correspondents on the NSS Yahoo Group 'secular newsline' have spotted that the placards displayed by the main group of demonstrators on the first night in Leicester were the same as those used by a new group calling themselves the 'Christian Council of Britain'. The following links seem to establish that this group is an offshoot of the British National Party.


"The first day of the Free Speech trial got underway in Leeds with a tough talking judge warning anti BNP protestors and a tremendous show of support for the two defendants, Nick Griffin and Mark Collett. Contrary to the lies put out by the BBC this afternoon, about 300 (double the number the BBC claimed) pro-free speech supporters from the BNP, Civil Liberty and the Christian Council of Britain held a peaceful and orderly demonstration outside Leeds Crown Court. A short prayer service was conducted by a representative of the CCoB, a newly formed association of committed Christians from all denominations and hymns were sung throughout the day."

"BNP creating new offshoots faster than the average knotweed. The Christian Council of Britain, replete with one or two hundred rabid members of the BNP (who also happen to be Christians), was set up by the BNP as a so-called balance to the Muslim Council of Britain. They claim to represent the Christians of Britain, which of course, they don't. They actually represent a racist though supposedly Christian offshoot of the BNP formed solely so that the party could almost-legitimately jump on the back of the anti-'Jerry Springer - The Opera' campaign. The real Christian group who actually are organising the campaign have stated clearly that the BNP is unwelcome."

The people with these placards were only there on the first night of the demonstrations. On subsequent nights the protesters were from local churches.


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