07 January 2006

Our Spring Programme

I'm pleased to be able to report that the Leicester Secular Society programme of free lectures for the January - April period is now ready.

The first meeting is on the 15th January. This will be one of our 'Headstrong' evenings of open discussion, on this occasion devoted to 'The Threat Of Fundamentalism To Enlightenment Values', led by Allan Hayes.

The Society's 'Anniversary Lecture' is held on the first Sunday in March every year to mark the opening of Secular Hall on that date in 1881. This year the lecture, by Jim Herrick, will also mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of The Freethinker magazine.

The series concludes with the Society's Half-Annual General Meeting on 2nd April.

There is an impressive array of speakers for the other lectures. Too many to list on this page. For full details see here.

The new programme is looking very interesting George. Although I have not attended in over a year I'm still a member and this has merely been because Sunday is almost never convenient. I am hoping things will be quieter this year and I can attend again.
We'll be pleased to see you again. Our treasurer did take a poll of members to see if there was any preference for meeting on other days, but I've not yet heard what the results were. An experiment was done some years ago of holding meetings on Saturdays but that was not popular, and obviously wouldn't work these days due to TV and sporting distractions.

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